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Jon Zelig writes about sexually intense, romantic, power exchange relationships: mostly Femdom often in conjunction with T&D, D&S, FLR, Chastity Play, and Cuckolding.  Age Play is a recurring theme: usually a Wife-as-Dommy-Mommy, disciplining and taking care of a Bad-Little-Boy-Husband.

No “adult babies,” no diapers, no cribs; no incest, no violence, minimal compulsion; more psychological domination than physical.  A bit of hand, hairbrush, or belt: no whips or crops or canes; pinked—or reddened—bottoms, backs, and thighs?  Yes. Bleeding, bruising, damageDear, God(dess)!  No. 

Most of his work takes place in a contemporary setting: sometimes this is with an “alternative reality” skew; some is set in the near-term “Gynarchic Future.” Almost always—the intensity of the roles they are playing notwithstanding?—his characters love and try to take care of each other.  Otherwise. . . ?  What’s the point, really?