Twin Brother & Sister Jon & Joy Zelig Write Erotica 


Jon leans more toward femdom, generally  with an Age Play, Dommy Mommy theme, often featuring male chastity and cuckolding.  sold-trip-cap






Joy focuses more on submissive women.

Corie B3

Cousin Bram is the Paranormal Erotica specialist.

Zoe B3 CoverCousin  Zoë tends toward “Fifty Shades of Grey” scenarios: Wealthy Male Master; Younger Female Sub.

All strive for characters and stories which–however bent the kinks–have a “Romantic Foundation” undergirding them.

Just because people choose a relationship premised on Dominance & Submission, in one form or another, doesn’t mean they don’t love each other.




One thought on “About

  1. Agreed! I love this genre of books!
    I also review for free of course or proofread and edit for a small fee. I work individually with each author on what they can afford.
    If you know someone in need of these services, please pass my name along.
    I am a retired Registered Nurse and English Major.
    Linda Wolf


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