Bram’s Bookstore

Bram Zelig—a cousin of the, erotica-writing, twins Jon Zelig & Joy Zelig, the former more Femdom-Focused, the latter more Maledom-Oriented—writes about the supernatural in a contemporary setting, erotica and romance threading through the tapestry of his work.

Vampires walk among us, thirsty for blood!  And . . . sometimes hungry for love, sex, and a little compassion.  Just because you have “biting issues” doesn’t mean you’re fundamentally bad! Just because you’re supernaturally attractive, charming, and magnetic doesn’t make you good—or necessarily the best person to get into a relationship with!

And . . . just because Love, Sex, Death (and The Undead) are serious topics?  Doesn’t mean there’s never anything to laugh about.  Otherwise. . . ?  What’s the point, really?